Saturday, August 2, 2008


This is the Death Guard army featured in White Dwarf 291 (UK)/290 (US) for the "Tactica: Death Guard" article I wrote for 3rd edition. This army has also been the showcase army of since 2002.

All models were painted/converted by me personally and I take great pride in the product. My first Death Guard army took Best Army at the 2001 Dallas Grand Tournament and was featured in White Dwarf as well.

The army consists of the following models:


- Terminator Lord (Daemon Weapon/Combi-Bolter. Converted plastic chaos lord model.)

- Power Armor Lord (Daemon Weapon/Bolt Pistol. Converted from Huron Blackheart.)

- Power Armor Lord (Lightning Claws. Heavy conversion of plastic chaos marine, necron claws, and parts from Fabius Bile. A Death Guard "Apothecary".)

- Power Armor Sorcerer (Daemon Weapon. Converted metal chaos sorcerer.)

- Typhus (Standard Typhus model.)


- Dreadnought (Twin-Linked Lascannon, CCW. Heavy conversion of the plastic dread model. Modeled to look possessed by a Great Unclean One which is bursting out of the sarchopogus.)


- 28 Plague Marines (Bolters, 4x Plasma Gun, 1x Melta Gun. Most are the current metal DG models, several are hybrid plastic chaos marines and plaguebearer bitz.)

- 3 Aspiring Champions (Power Fist. Metal model/conversions.)

- 1 Rhino APC (Combi Bolter. Has Forgeworld spaced extra armor, fuel tanks, death guard doors, and a random assortment of extra gear.)

- 6 Nurgling Bases (Metal nurglings on 40mm round bases)

Fast Attack:

- 2 Chaos Spawn (Heavy conversions. Both based on OOP Great Unclean One parts, mostly hand sculpted beyond that.)

- 1 Chaos Spawn (Basic metal spawn model)

Heavy Support:

- Predator (Twin-Linked Lascannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons. Has Forgeworld spaced extra armor, fuel tanks, gear and is setup using rare-earth magnets for the sponsons so they can be removed and/or turned. Also has a bunch of hand sculpted bugs on the hull.)


- 1 Forge World Large Chaos Spawn (minor conversion of the resin model, mounted on a 60mm round base. Could be used as a defiler, chaos dreadnought, daemon prince, or whatever you like.)

- 2 Objective Markers (one is a chaos monolith the other is a collection of corrupted 55gal drums)

- Framed Tactica Death Guard Page 1 that features this army (Original page from White Dwarf. Will sign if buyer would like.)

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